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Introducing Time to Pack Episode 1: The Nomatic McKinnon Camera Pack 25L

For decades, if not centuries, watches have been marketed as jewelry. Here at Worn & Wound, we think about watches as gear, and as much as we love watches, we love all kinds of gear. In September of 2021, the Windup Watch Shop introduced a new section called Everyday Carry, or EDC for short. The premise was, people who care deeply about what’s on their wrist also care deeply about what’s in their pockets and packs. We know this is not just a theory, as you’re likely setting your watch down next to a cool pocket knife and a carefully selected wallet each night.

One year ago, we launched our first sponsored content series called Tool/Kit. Over the past 12 months, this series has become one of the most popular forms of content throughout the Worn & Wound ecosystem. We’ve taken watches on adventures with other great gear from NYC to Nashville, from Iceland to Bonaire. 

Based on the success of these watches + gear initiatives, we’re launching a new sponsored franchise called Time to Pack. This new monthly video series will feature our very own Kat Shoulders. In each episode, Kat will be pairing and packing a watch with some of her favorite travel gear. 

This first episode, presented by Nomatic, features their McKinnon Camera Pack 25L, a versatile and durable bag for pros and travelers alike, as well as Kat’s own traveling photography setup. Learn more about her packing style and her professional tools, along with her very own gear hacks and tricks of the trade. We hope that Time to Pack will be that kind of content you didn’t even know you needed—watch-based content that delves into travel gear and packing in rich and robust ways. Enjoy!

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