Introducing Waxed Olive Watch Rolls

Today we’re excited to release a new version of our iconic Watch Roll. For our newest color, we’re getting back to the roots of the design and going straight-up rugged American-outerwear. For the exterior, we’ve gone to our trusty 10.10oz waxed army-duck canvas in a light, sandy brown. It’s a rich color that will scar and patina beautifully with wear.


To give the roll a handsome earthiness, we paired the brown canvas with one of our favorite strap leathers, Horween Olive Chamois for the pockets and trim. This oiled nubuck has a dark, mottled green tone and a soft, matte finish. It’s a supple and luxurious leather that ages exceptionally. Areas that wear more will get darker and slightly shinier, while less used areas will maintain their original tone. The result over the years will be nothing short of stunning.


As always, the Waxed Brown/Olive Chamois Watch Roll is fully lined, including the pockets, with an ultra-suede material that provides a safe and soft surface to rest your watch against. This time, we went with a chocolate brown that offsets the olive leather, bringing the exterior color inside, tying the whole thing together. Lastly, we went with an olive green leather cord and brown wooden toggle to secure the roll.


New colors and materials aside, our Watch Roll has always been made with several original (and often copied) design details that make it so highly sought after. We’ve already mentioned the full ultrasuede lining and leather cord and toggle closure, additionally our pockets are gusseted, allowing for easy use with watches up to 50mm in diameter. They are also double-stitched between the pockets with parallel needles creating an extra-durable seam. Since our very first roll, we’ve included a slender fifth pocket allowing for easy packing of a w&w Strap-Changing Multi-Tool (or other springbar tool) making sure you can change your straps on the go. Lastly, our Watch Roll is proudly made in our hometown of NYC, bringing exceptional craftsmanship and skill to the package.


The new Waxed Brown/Olive Chamois is available now for $150 at

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