Introducing worn&wound Instagram Round-Ups


It goes without saying, here at worn&wound we love watches. Not just the watches we feature, but all watches… and this includes your watches. That is why, over the last however-long it’s been, we’ve been using instagram to not only show you what watches we’re wearing, what watches we come across and the places we go, but also to look at what everyone else has got going on. From straps to vintage pieces to the rarest watches in existence, it’s probably the best place to simply share and find pictures of your favorite timepieces. As far as social media goes, instagram is basically our second home.

And, we realized that we could be having a lot more fun with it. So, from here on out we want to begin featuring our favorite instagram posts by YOU, HERE on w&w. Once a month (maybe more if this all goes as awesomely as we think) we’ll round up our 10 favorite pics. They will be posted along with a link to the submitter’s instagram account.

In order for your picture to be considered it should:

a. include the hashtag #wornandwound and/or @wornandwound
b. be a watch related photo. It doesn’t have to be a watch on your wrist, but watches should be at the core of the image
c. be awesome (naturally)

On top of that, we’re going to start doing some GIVEAWAYS with our original worn&wound, American Made products, on instagram. So, it’s in your best interest to follow us regardless.

here’s a taste of the awesomeness that awaits you…


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