Introducing w&w’s Four Newest Contributors!

A few months ago, we put a call out for new contributors. The response was, simply put, overwhelming, and we mean that in the most positive way possible. We received hundreds of submissions from people all across the world and from all walks of life—from accountants and doctors to journalists and police officers. Regardless of age, profession, or location, there was one wholly obvious commonality among all those who applied—an unbridled love and appreciation for watches. We can wholeheartedly say it was a pleasure to go through all of your submissions, and we’d like to once again thank everyone who took the time and effort to apply.

REVIEW_MOCKUnfortunately, we couldn’t go with everyone (wish we could), but we narrowed it down to four amazing people who will help bring more great watch content to worn&wound and to our audience. We’re excited to introduce the four newest members of the worn&wound family!

Christian Alexandersen

Christian discovered his love for watches around the same time he discovered he could make a living as a writer. An award-winning journalist, Christian has covered everything from presidential campaigns to princess tea parties. Now, he combines his passion for vintage watches with his passion for writing. Christian lives and works out of central Pennsylvania.

ZQ Chia

ZQ’s a die-hard Seiko lover, an obsession first sparked by the purchase of a Seiko Orange Monster, the original 7S classic. ZQ has yet to find his way out of the Seiko rabbit hole, dabbling in both vintage and modern, but his love extends to watches of all kinds. This isn’t ZQ’s first foray into the writing about watches, and he’s excited to bring his bank of knowledge to worn&wound. ZQ currently resides in Singapore with his family.

Hung Doan

As a collector who splurged during the glorious dotcom 1.0 days, Hung acquired a sizable collection of Swiss watches. Now married with two kids and a mortgage, his watch tastes and pursuits are more down-to-earth. His other interests involve design history, technology, and collecting Star Wars Action figures. He brings a seasoned perspective to the worn&wound team. Hung grew up and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Blake Z. Rong

Hailing from the middle coast of Austin, Texas, Blake Z. Rong is a freelance writer, researcher, one-time podcast host, and occasional automotive journalist. When he was 13, he took apart a quartz watch and forgot how to put it back together again. His love for watches has lingered ever since. He can usually be found on his motorcycle speeding across Texas Hill Country.

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