Laco Introduces the Flieger PRO, a New Line of Fully Customizable Watches

The latest release from Laco capitalizes on a trend that we’ve seen emerging over the last few years in the watch industry: customization. When you step back and take a look at where the watch enthusiast community has been heading, this makes a lot of sense. As the hobby grows, collectors increasingly want to own watches that represent their own unique sense of style and taste. Custom watches that you can be sure no one else at the local meetup is going to have are one way of doing that. They also, obviously, allow the owner to create something with a built in personal connection, and with a combination of specs that a big brand might not think of. Laco, as makers of what are some of the most traditional flieger watches, isn’t necessarily the brand most would expect to take on a full fledged customization option, but the watches in the new Flieger PRO collection lend themselves quite nicely to a personal touch. 


The new Flieger PRO line uses an online configuration tool that allows Laco customers to customize their watch across a number of specifications. Users first choose a traditional flieger dial layout, either the Stuttgart PRO (type A, with Arabic numerals at each hour and an open minute track) or the Karlsruhe PRO (type B, with minutes in five minute increments at the dial’s perimeter, and the hours in an interior track). From there, a customer can select among three case size options (37mm, 40mm, or 43mm), having an open or closed case back, sapphire or acrylic crystals, crown position, and other options related to the movement itself, including a date function and the level of decoration. You can even choose whether or not to include the Laco logo on the dial. All told, Laco tells us there are more than 14,000 variants that can be produced using their customization tool. 

Technical specifications vary a bit depending on the configuration selected, but all watches in the Flieger PRO line are water resistant to 200 meters with a screw down crown, and have the same traditional flieger case lines with gently curved lugs. Both hand wound and automatic movements can be selected during customization, as well, so prices vary considerably for Flieger PRO models, with the least expensive variants coming in at $1,020, and the priciest topping out at $1,900. 

The new online configurator tool is available on Laco’s website beginning today. More information here.

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