A Last Minute Holiday Guide for Women’s Watches


Women’s watches are, well… tricky. They can often be a bit over done, overly feminized and end up cheesy or tacky (just look at the average women’s watches at a department store). Naturally, there is a market for such pieces as they wouldn’t exist if there weren’t, but we feel that there are more tasteful alternatives. With the holidays rapidly approaching, here’s a few pieces to consider or make note of for birthdays, etc…


Skagen Ditte  $101 – $155

Skagen is a good go-to for minimal pieces with smart styling and fair prices. The Ditte series are particularly graceful, with a slightly sculptural dial that looks like ripples on water.


Timex Weekender 40 $37 + SuiGeneric Plaid  $45

The Timex Weekender 40 is a classic, fun and incredibly affordable watch thats hard not to like. Since it’s so inexpensive, we recommend pairing it with one  or two of SuiGeneric’s plaid or patterned waxed NATOs to create something more special.


Aristo AristoCrat $399

This vintage throwback stays true to form with a 37.5mm case, clean lines and an elegant dial. The metal on metal palette With an ETA 2824-2 and a price tag of $399, it’s also a good value.


Hamilton Bagley $645

For a dressier option, the Bagley has an Art Deco flair based on a design from the 1939. The sculptural case, textured dial and sub-seconds make it beautiful, yet sophisticated.


Stowa Antea Back to Bauhaus $995

The Stowa Antea Back to Bauhaus is well balanced and highly legible. It’s a timeless design that is great for a practical individual. The array of colors add some options as well, though you can’t go wrong with black or white.


Junghans Max Bill Manual $707+

At 34mm, the Junghans Max Bill Manual winds are a nice size for a smaller wrist. We’ve said it before and will likely say it again, but the Max Bills are pretty much perfect, and given their restrained designs are very versatile as well. Give this to a loved one, and then borrow it.


Aark Classic Tortoise $179

Aark’s watches, which we’ve reviewed before, are very modern and playful, using interesting shapes and colors, paired with minimal designs. Their classic in tortoise is particularly curious, utilizing a plastic case with dynamic coloration for a great accent piece. Lots of personality at a modest price.


Vintage Omega  <$1000

So…this is less a watch and more a genre, but at generally under $1000, one can get a genuine, classic Omega mechanical. With small case sizes, mid-century dials and the kind-of-cool that only comes with age, it’s a memorable and special gift…. another one to borrow from time to time. Watches to Buy usually has a few on hand, if you’re looking.


Seiko 5 SNK $55 + w&w Model 2 $59

We all love Seiko 5 SNKs here, and at 38mm, they make good women’s watches too. The sporty, field design goes great with casual clothes and the colored dials add a bit of personality. Like the Timex, these are shockingly affordable, so go the extra mile and (shameless self-plug warning) put it on one of our American-made 18mm Horween Model 2 straps, which just so happen to go perfectly with them.


Nomos Tetra Berliner Set $2,320 – $2,920

Last, but certainly not least, for those really looking to not just give a watch, but a piece of horology, the Nomos Tetra Berliner Set will get the job done. The 29.5mm square cases are small and elegant, containing their in-house alpha manual movement. The limited edition colors are sumptuous, saturated and utterly gorgeous. I had the pleasure of seeing these in person, and I have to say I wish they made the Goldese (second from the left) in a larger size… as it would be something to add to the grail list. The brushed copper-tone dial is accented with sea-foam green numerals and markers for a vibrant combination.

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