Louis Erard and Konstantin Chaykin Return to their Time Eater Concept with a Darker Sequel

It’s no surprise that after the successful launch of the Time Eater, the viral collaboration between Louis Erard and Konstantin Chaykin that launched in April, that the two would attempt a follow up. In fact, not only is it not a surprise, it was expected by anyone who paid close attention to the marketing materials we saw earlier this year, which teased another release to come. Well, like the horror movie franchises that this collaboration sometimes evokes, the sequel has come quickly. The Time Eater II: From Dusk to Dawn, is a pair of watches that use the same basic design as the original Time Eater, but in a darker (literally and figuratively) execution. I don’t know if a “Halloween watch” is actually a thing, but given the aesthetic of the new Time Eater and the season we find ourselves in, it makes a strong case. 


Like the first drop, this release sees two different versions of the watch in two different case sizes, released alongside one another. Instead of the silvery white dials of the first pair, here we have black (for the 39mm watch) and anthracite (on the larger 42mm version). Both have bright red minute hands that match the major aesthetic shift on these new Time Eaters: a truly gross bloodshot eye hour register. It’s paired with the same sawtooth seconds register at 6:00, and when everything is put together it certainly gives off a spookier vibe, making the original watches with hints of purple and green seem downright playful by comparison. 

The smaller 39mm version of the Time Eater II stands apart from the rest as it’s the only one with a black PVD case treatment, which seems like an obvious move for this watch. The 42mm version, by nature of its size and the polished case and lighter dial tone, is going to have a stronger wrist presence for most wearers. Not that the smaller one will go under the radar, exactly, but there’s something sleek about it that the 42mm version clearly isn’t concerned with. Both watches feature the same Sellita SW266-1 caliber that drives all of Louis Erard’s regulators. 

The Dusk to Dawn variants of the Time Eater are both limited editions of 178 pieces, and each has the same CHF 4,000 retail price. The initial release sold out quickly back in April, but at the time of this writing, both are still available on the Louis Erard website.

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