MB&F’s M.A.D.1 Gets a RED Makeover

Last year, we had the good fortune to welcome Maximilian Büsser on to our podcast to chat about the origins of MB&F, their machines, horological and legacy, and much more. In our discussion, I took the opportunity to ask him about creating a more accessible watch, referencing the Louis Erard x Vianney Halter creation that had just been released. While he wasn’t keen on going that route exactly, he did let on that the idea had been on his mind. A few months later we got news of the M.A.D.1 – not an MB&F, to be clear – but from the same minds, and out of the MB&F M.A.D. Gallery no less, and the connective tissue is clear. 


The original M.A.D.1 was meant as a gift to friends, family, and supporters of the brand, including MB&F owners. The small batch produced was offered to the above groups, but word of this piece, which was priced well under $5,000, got out quickly. In response to the demand, a part deux of the watch has just been announced, and you might even be able to buy one this time around.



The latest M.A.D.1 ditches the blue in favor of a red theme. Within the wholly unique case, which features viewing windows set within a steel chassis, you’ll find a bevy of activity, and nothing remotely familiar. Looking at the watch top down you’ll notice the underside of a Miyota 821A, which is mounted upside down, and the enormous ‘battle ax’ rotor mounted to its center. Not an hour or minute hand in sight. The minutes and hour are read via cylinders visible through the vertical case wall, naturally. It’s all the creative insanity we know and love from MB&F, with a Miyota heart. 

The net result is an incredible work of engineering that is priced around $3,000. Like MB&F’s fabulous Horological Machines, ergonomics have been compromised in the service of the greater vision for the project. I have not had one of these on my wrist, but the 42mm diameter and 18.8mm height tell me this isn’t meant to replace your typical daily wearer. And that’s just fine. 


As we’ve seen with many highly anticipated new releases these days, a system has been put in place with the launch of this watch in an effort to democratize the process as much as possible. As a result, the launch will happen via lottery. As of today, you are free to get your ticket directly from the M.A.D. Gallery website at no cost. On April 6th, a drawing will be made to select buyers at random. If selected, you’ll receive a link to purchase the watch. Just how many of these will be produced remains unclear, and deliveries are scheduled to begin by September of this year. M.A.D. Gallery.

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