Introducing the MeisterSinger Pangaea Day Date


For those unfamiliar, MeisterSinger is a German watch brand that in just 12 years of operation has developed the reputation as a leading manufacturer of one-handed timepieces. Their simple, elegant designs reflect not only a commitment to aesthetic and quality craftsmanship, but also the concept of Ur-Uhr, or original watch, which is at the core of the company’s brand identity and design philosophy. All MeisterSinger pieces are inspired by the original and most simple time telling devices, such as a sundial or hour glass, and the new Pangaea Day Date revealed at Baselworld 2013 continues this MeisterSinger tradition by combining utility, simplicity and refined aesthetic seamlessly.

The Pangaea Day Date follows the familiar design of a MeisterSinger watch, with large needle hand reaching to the very edge of the dial. Printed hash markers line the outer rim of the dial for each minute, with elongated and bold indicators each five minutes and numerical markers at each hour. This no frills approach to one-handed time telling, while not innovative or exciting, gets the job done well, and presents a surprisingly usable one handed watch.

With the Pangaea, two separate discs, recessed beneath the main dial surface, display the date and day of the week. As these discs rotate, a red line indicator at the 12 o’clock position and triangular indicator toward the center of the dial draw your eye to a center position where the discs align and show the correct day of the week and day of the month. While this design builds upon the existing Perigraph model which features a date ring like the one found on the Pangaea, the addition of the day wheel seems to be a natural evolution of an effective core design.

The Pangaea is powered by a Sellita SW 220-1, includes sapphire crystal above the dial and sapphire display case back and measures 40 mm in diameter by just 10.5 mm tall, making it a very wearable and reliable piece. In the hand, all MeisterSinger watches we’ve handled feel well made and cleanly finished, and the Pangaea is no exception. Available with white and creme dials with black text or black dial and white text, the Pangaea will retail for 1,890 € (includes vat).

In addition to checking out the new Pangaea, we got our hands on a few additional MeisterSinger pieces including the very cool Singulator, their take on a regulator. What sets the Singulator apart is that, unlike most other regulator models available with centralized minute hand, it features a centralized hour hand to keep with the traditional MeisterSinger look. We also took a look at an interesting “6-hour” dial watch that features two hour rings, with the first displaying 1-6 and the second displaying 7-12.

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by Blake Malin

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