Watch Mods: Seiko SNK Gets a New Paint Job


Watch mods have fascinated me for some time. As I mentioned in my post on the iconic Seiko 007, it’s a wonder to see a watch that you very well may have viewed hundreds of times before transformed into something truly unique.  So, consider this the first in a series of posts highlighting some amazing watch mods from throughout the Internet. Today we’re going to take a look at a Seiko SNK like you’ve probably never seen before.

I found this mod posted on the Poor Man’s Watch Forum by the poster TheCeladon. I really love the job he’s done here making a radical transformation through very few steps. The Seiko SNK is one of worn&wound’s favorite affordable automatic watches. Part of the Seiko 5 line, the SNK features a trusted Seiko auto movement, exceptionally sturdy build for the sub-$100 price tag and rugged military good looks. With nothing more than a dremel, some paint, the right tools and some patience, TheCeladon has transformed the SNK into a minimal and modern piece.

The most noticeable difference between the original SNK and this mod is the dial.  The dial has been sanded to remove all of the markings, given a matte black coat of paint for a base, and finally painted with white lacquer for the minimal hour markings and logo.  I really like the look of this dial.  It totally flips the SNK’s styling on its head by creating a clean and contemporary aesthetic.

But my favorite aspect of this SNK modification are the hour and second hands.  The original hour hands of the SNK are a sharp sword shape.  By painting a portion of them black and sanding the sharp tip just slightly, they take on a much simpler triangle shape that is soft enough to fit aesthetically with the rounded hour markings on the dial.  The second hand has also been partially painted, removing the original red tip, and creating the look of a floating dot and line.

The forum poster also took the time to sand off the Seiko logo on the rear display crystal, which makes a lot of sense given the lack of Seiko branding anywhere else on the piece.  Taken together, the modified hands, simplified face and lack of Seiko branding create a distinctly modern and sleek aesthetic.

Of course, though the methodologies implemented here seem simple, they do require the dismantling of the watch.  A tricky endeavor only to be tried by those with experience.  Looking ahead, I hope to take a look at the many other facets of watch modding culture, from people who sell modded watches, companies that mod certain components for a price and of course, the many, many brave home modders who create one of a kind pieces. So check back in the coming months to see more, and feel free to join in on the conversation.  Leave a comment, hit us up on twitter or shoot us an email with your favorite mods.

by Blake

photos via PMWF poster TheCeladon

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