Multi-use EDC Kerchiefs from Cantonment – Now Available at Windup Watch Shop

A kerchief is an addition to your everyday carry that you never knew you needed. While carrying a handkerchief or bandana may have been something you associate with your grandfather (or cowboys), that’s not the case with Cantonment’s line of cloths. Cantonment is a new brand, created by three childhood friends who grew up in Upstate New York. A “cantonment” is a military-style campsite, and the three friends happened to grow up right near the final campsite of the Revolutionary Army that’s known as the New Windsor Cantonment. The driving force behind their design approach is something they call Stylized Substance — a blend of stylish aesthetic with functional design. Their first product ever is the “Kerchief”, and we’re proud to be launching it first in the Windup Watch Shop.

These 18.5×18.5” super-soft cotton Kerchiefs are ideal for a wide range of everyday uses, whether that’s wiping down your glasses, shining up your watch, getting some dust off of your camera lens, or even using it as a backdrop for a makeshift photoshoot. Cantonment sized the Kerchiefs in the sweet spot between a standard handkerchief and a bandana, making them easy to fold up and toss in your pocket or bag without taking up too much room.

Attach with the Woggle to your belt
Use as a photo back drop
Secure around your neck to catch sweat
A handy tool to carry around

Instead of a boring old single color, each of the kerchiefs is printed with one of three motifs, rendered in an architectural drawing style and printed onto the cloth. The cloth itself is made from 100% cotton, giving it an ultra-soft feel in hand while being easy to wash and care for. Each side of the kerchief is finished with a merrowed edge – a technique where rough edge of the fabric is finished with an overhand stitch to give them a clean appearance. Cantonment uses a contrasting color for the edge that really makes the cloth pop.

finished, contrast edges

In each corner of the cloth, you’ll find a reinforced buttonhole that you can use with the nylon nato strap-inspired “woggle” — a small strap and metal button that can be used to fasten the kerchief to a belt or bag, use as a tightening mechanism to keep it around your neck, or to hang dry after use. The Woggle-Toggle system can also be fastened to each of the corners so you can use the Kerchief as a makeshift tote.

The Kerchief is available in three different sets:

Chrono – Inspired by two classics, this set features drawings of the Seiko SKX and Omega Speedmaster. It’s hard to go wrong with these choices, as each are iconic in their own way within the world of watches.

A true tool diver
The iconic Chronograph

Opti – Features close-ups of the lens and film advance lever of a classic analog camera. Even if you’re shooting digital, there’s no arguing with the analog vibes given off by old film cameras.

Winding lever
Elevations of a lens

Auto – After watches and cameras, cars are simply the next logical step. At launch, this set of two will feature a graphic of a Porsche rim and a Land Rover headlight. Both immediately recognizable as iconic designs to any auto enthusiast.

Headlights and grill
Wheel detail

Whether you’re wearing it around your neck to keep the sun at bay or storing one in your bag as a screen wipe, the Kerchief by Cantonment is sure to come in handy. You can pick up a set of two for $40 in your favorite pattern right now from the Windup Watch Shop.

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