New Partner, Same Dance: Rowing Blazers Joins Zodiac to Celebrate Iconic Paris Watering Hole

With just two collaborative pieces in the past two years, Rowing Blazers has made some serious noise in the watch space. Their taste for playful colors and bold patterns combined with their use of various fabric textures across different styles not limited to streetwear, “prep,” and athletic-inspired apparel are displayed front and center in both of their Seiko collaborations. With author, designer, and Rowing Blazers founder Jack Carlson at the helm, and the horological experience of Eric Wind, it was only going to be a matter of time until the brand expanded their sights onto new horizons, and new watch brands to collaborate with. The new Rowing Blazers x Zodiac Harry’s Bar Super Sea Wolf is the latest to come from the American apparel brand and features an ongoing collaboration with their favorite watering-hole.

One look at the Rowing Blazers catalog will tell you that the brand is not shy going heavy on the bright colors. And you know who else isn’t shy about using color? Zodiac. Naturally this collaborative piece uses a vibrant sunburst green dial reminiscent of a mix of green liqueurs. An appropriate color choice considering this collaboration includes Harry’s Bar, the oldest cocktail bar in Europe. This establishment has served libations to the likes of Ernest Hemingway, Daft Punk, and even makes a cameo in Ian Fleming’s James Bond novel “From a View to Kill.” With so much history that has taken place behind those doors, one would wonder what it would be like to be a fly on the wall during the prime time hours at Harry’s Bar.


Speaking of flies, the Rowing Blazers x Zodiac Super Sea Wolf displays Harry’s Bar “bar flies” logo right below where the handset anchors. The logo itself is a fun-loving portrayal of the barfly buttoned-up with a tophat, bowtie, and pair of boots and gloves. Although not tiny, but also not too in-your-face, the Harry’s bar logo makes its presence known through the use of turquoise and red accents which once again falls totally in line with what the Rowing Blazers aesthetic is all about. All the participants in this collaboration are highlighted from top to bottom, with a stacking of logos and wordmarks sandwiched between a pair of pointed trapezoidal markers at twelve and six. Similar markers and a date window at three outlined in a way to keep the symmetry, round out the dial.

The case is pretty straightforward and is what you’d expect from a Zodiac Super Sea Wolf. The case measures 40mm in width and has a set of lugs that protrude out from the case head akin to that of the ears on the Dark Knight’s helmet. The bezel measures even wider and further increases the presence of the watch from above. But instead of an elapsed time bezel, we get a fully lumed 12-hour bezel for tracking another timezone. On the underside, a screw caseback with a Rowing Blazers emblem at the center.

The collaborative piece comes on Zodiac’s 5-link stainless steel bracelet with polished center links and is secured via a dual button clasp. In addition to the steel bracelet, the Rowing Blazers x Zodiac Super Sea Wolf comes with a French military-style black strap with a red line centered down the middle.

Partnering up with Zodiac seems like a natural progression for Rowing Blazers. Zodiac, much like Seiko, isn’t afraid to let their hair down a bit and will gladly venture outside of the norm while embracing the qualities that make their collaborative cohorts unique. We actually know this firsthand. I appreciate the flashes of color and the small details like the burgundy tipped hour and minutes hand at the center. All in all, the Rowing Blazers x Zodiac Harry’s Bar Super Sea Wolf takes all the ingredients that make a watch distinct, and blends, stirs, or shakes them together (depending on your drink preparation preference) nicely like a well-crafted cocktail. Cheers.

The Rowing Blazers x Zodiac Harry’s Bar Super Sea Wolf Limited Edition retails for $1,595, is limited to 282 pieces, and will be released at Harry’s Bar during Paris Men’s Fashion Week later this month. Zodiac x Rowing Blazers x Harry’s Bar

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