Nixon Mellor Auto and Ceramic Time Teller

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I have spouted my love for some of Nixon’s watches before, namely the Time Teller P, because they are innovative, fashion forward, well built and down right fun. But, save a few models, I would rarely have called them a great deal in the scheme of watches. Especially their few mechanical and ceramic models, which range up to $2,600 MSRP. For a brand that you probably can find at your local skate shop, $2,600 seems like a stretch…Frankly, $1,000 feels like a stretch. But you can’t blame them for trying to establish themselves amongst higher end brands; in fact, it is admirable for a brand like Nixon to traverse such a wide playing field

So, I was extremely excited to see two new additions to the Nixon line that are a big step in the right direction. First, there is the Mellor Automatic. I did a brief post on the Mellor quartz a few weeks ago, which I happened to have liked for its styling and price. The auto version is powered by a Miyota 9015 24-jewel slim movement with date, has a domed sapphire crystal and a Horween leather strap. The MSRP is $550, which makes it their cheapest auto.  Though still not a bargain watch, it is a unique and nicely designed auto that has some great components. I like that they are using Horween leather, an old Chicago based company, the same one that provides leather for the Wolverine 1000 mile boots, since it suggests an attention to detail.  Available in 3 colors, steel/black, all black and rose gold/black.

Next, and this is really cool, is the Ceramic Time Teller. Keeping the same chunky almost toy-like shape as their Time Teller P, this version is made with a ceramic case, ceramic crown, solid ceramic bracelet and the same quartz movement. At $450, this a nicely priced ceramic. Available in all black and all white, you can see from their photos that they have that great liquid-like ceramic gloss. Considering the success of the plastic model, I bet this one will fly off the proverbial shelves.

Between these two new watches, I have to say that I am most excited by the Ceramic Time Teller. At $450, this really puts a distinct and great looking ceramic in the grasp of a different market. I personally do not own a ceramic watch yet, and this might end up being the first. Sure, I would love a Jasper Morrison designed Rado Chronograph, but at close to $3,500, I don’t see that happening any time soon. And I have a strange desire for a solid white watch, but anything plastic will eventually get nicked and lose its charm. Assuming that the Nixon’s are made with a high quality ceramic, then they should have the high scratch resistance that makes ceramic a great material.

Anyway, I hope that Blake and I can get our hands on these soon and give you a full breakdown on these very exciting watches.

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