NOMOS Teams Up With Fratello To Create ​​Zürich Weltzeit “The Hague” Edition

Our friends at Fratello Watches will be releasing a limited edition ​​NOMOS Zürich Weltzeit “The Hague” Edition later this week, and it might just be the best configuration of the watch yet. The Zürich Weltzeit is a fan favorite for its unique and simple take on the world timer wrapped in typical NOMOS design language. You can read our review of the watch right here, and while it has come in a few different colorways and editions since releasing some 10 years ago, this edition made with Fratello in “panda” guise makes almost too much sense to be limited to just 25 examples.


This Zürich Weltzeit gets “The Hague” treatment in honor of Fratello’s home in the Netherlands, with the city taking the place of Berlin between London and Athens on the city ring within the dial. As a further nod to the Dutch roots of the company, the arrow pointing to the home time is rendered in bright orange. 

The dial is finished in white with a black sub dial housing the small seconds hand, while the entire dial is framed by a black chapter ring. The so-called ‘panda’ configuration works surprisingly well here, and brings a level of informality to the otherwise demure watch. It’s a combo usually reserved for watches with sportier ambitions, such as chronographs, but there’s no denying the impact works just as well here.

The case is still fully polished, and the svelte dimensions remain untouched at just under 40mm in diameter, and 49mm in total length, with an overall thickness of 10.9mm. This presentation means the watch will still work perfectly well with a suit and tie, even with the more sporting dial. 

Inside you’ll find the NOMOS DUW 5201 automatic caliber providing the world time complication operated through the single pusher located at 2 o’clock. A press will advance the hour hand and city ring simultaneously, while the home time, represented by the disc at 3 o’clock, remains the same. It’s simple, effective, and fun. 

The Fratello x ​​NOMOS Zürich Weltzeit “The Hague” Edition will be available September 30th at 6 am CEST, or midnight for east coasters in the US. There will be just 25 examples of this watch on offer and I suspect they will go quickly, so be sure to set an alarm if you’re hoping to add this one to your collection. The price is set at €4,620 including a 21% value added tax, which comes to around $4,300 minus the VAT for US customers. Fratello.

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