Norqain Freedom 60 Chronograph, Now In 40mm Case

The Norqain Freedom 60 Chronograph is getting a refresh that includes new dial colors and welcomes a new case size of 40mm to the collection. The classic three-register chronograph layout remains, accentuated by a contrasting color scheme that brings a deep blue and anthracite to the table. The new case size makes the Freedom 60 Chronograph a far more approachable watch than it’s ever been. Norqain is calling this one a stylish “unisex” model, and yes, it still has an engravable plate along the 9 o’clock case wall. 

The 40mm Freedom 60 Chronograph will live alongside the existing 43mm reference, but the dial receives a slight revision thanks to the addition of a contrasting ring containing the tachymeter scale at the perimeter of the dial. It’s similar to what we saw from Hamilton in their automatic Chronograph H model, and looks just as handsome here. The width of the tachy scale has been nearly cut in half from the 43mm dial, allowing for relatively unchanged inner dial proportions.


Inside, the same Valjoux 7753 base caliber is being used, meaning you’ll still be dealing with nearly 15mm of total thickness. That comes with the territory with these movements, and in my experience, it all comes down to the design of the case in terms of visually mitigating all that mass effectively. Norqain places their signature plaque along the case walls of their watches, meaning there needs to be enough vertical surface area to host the plate effectively, but in total the case is on par with what you’d expect from this movement. On the bright side, you can have a message of your choosing etched into that plate, should you desire. 

Norqain is offering a pair of eco-friendly strap options with this model, including a vegan certified alcantara option, and a #tide ocean material unit made from recycled ocean bound plastics (something we’ve seen increasing use of in this industry). Both straps are lined with an AppleSkin underside that’s produced from recycled apple cores and peels from the food industry. A steel bracelet and perlon rubber strap are also available on this model. 

The Freedom 60 Chronograph in 40mm case size is available now from $3,920, and goes up to $4,190 fitted with the steel bracelet. You can find them on Norqain’s website, in both the Gents and the Ladies sections. Norqain.

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