Norqain’s New Limited Adventure Sport Chrono is Aimed at Hockey Lovers

When we last covered Norqain, it was to highlight the Independence 20, which features a movement made by Tudor’s in-house movement manufacturer. Now the brand is back with their latest creation, a limited edition version of their Adventure Sport Chrono made to promote their partnership with the National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA). Why the partnership with the NHLPA? It turns out that Swiss hockey star Mark Streit is a member of the Norqain Board, so the relationship seems like a natural fit for both organizations. Let’s take a look at the new hockey flavored watch. 


The Adventure Sport Chrono is, on the surface, a fairly routine chronograph powered by the ETA 7753 movement. What Norqain does pretty well for a new brand is taking a somewhat common watch format, in this case the sports chronograph, and sprucing it up in a way that offers some real value for money in terms of luxe features. That’s particularly apparent on limited models like this one and the previously covered Independence 20, which offer impressive details on limited production watches. In the case of the NHLPA Limited Edition, it really comes down to the dial, which has a textured finish that resembles ice that’s been recently skated on. Norqain tells us that the process to create these dials is labor intensive, requiring over 30 steps. Other specific hockey related nods include the NHLPA logo in the 6:00 subdial, and a representation of a face-off area at 9:00. The open caseback also features the NHLPA logo and reminds us that the timepiece is a limited run of 500. 

The hockey inspired elements are not exactly subtle, so it’s easy to see how this watch might appeal to fans of the sport. If you are neutral on the NHLPA branding or face-off inspired subdial, the watch can still be enjoyed for its pleasing blue and white panda style dial layout. The date window at 4:30 will likely irk some who look for a more symmetrical design, but Norqain at least deserves some credit here for color matching the date indicator to the dial. 

In terms of specs, the case measures 41mm across and 15mm tall. That’s thick, but not unreasonable for an automatic chronograph with an ETA movement. The watch is water resistant to 100 meters, and is finished with a mix of brushed and polished surfaces. This is an area where Norqain tends to excel – their cases have a high quality and premium feel, which you’d certainly expect of a product in this price range. This limited edition chronograph will sell for $3,290. Norqain

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