On the Newsstand: QP #53


Right now at this very moment, drop whatever you’re doing, run down to your newsstand, and grab a copy of QP issue fifty-three. One look at the cover will tell you why you’re in for some heavy reading. Behold a mouth-watering photograph of Zenith’s brand new Aeronef Type 20, a pilot’s watch extraordinaire. The article explains this baby as well as other gorgeous new Zeniths. The Type 20 could have been an instant grail for me, that is, until I learned the width. It’s a humungous 58mm! 58mm? Oh well…….

Once your heartbeat has subsided, move on to some of the other interesting articles in this issue. Read all about the mechanically creative Antoine Martin QP01. There’s a worthy interview with Jean-Claude Biver, one of the industry’s most notable superstars. Creating an Icon is all about the Panerai cult and how it came to be. Simply Superwatch highlights Heritage, Marc Jenni, and Cabestan’s Trapezium and Winch Tourbillon. There’s plenty of other stuff to read, including some pretty eye-opening auction coverage.

One of the numerous things I love about reading the watch magazines are all the little tidbits of trivia you pick up. For instance, in this issue of QP, I learned that one of the Wright brothers had a Vacheron strapped to his leg. Well, I guess they could lay claim to being the very first pilot’s watch. I just wonder why they haven’t capitalized on this factoid.

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