[VIDEO] On Wrist Reaction: The Seiko 5 Sports SSK005 GMT Is A Wild Time

Seiko had a mic drop moment this summer when they released a collection of Seiko 5 Sport automatic GMT watches for under $500. This is a watch we’d all been asking for, but does it live up to hero status we were quick to bestow upon it? In this edition of On Wrist Reaction, Thomas and Blake offer their first reactions to the watch in its zaniest colorway, with an orange sunburst dial and gilt accents. It’s an eyeful to be sure, but there are two other colorways a bit more down to earth, which you can see right here. Is the SSK everything we’d hoped for? Catch our initial reactions in the video below, and if you have any questions you’d like answered in a full revie, be sure to leave a comment below.

On Wrist Reaction is a series that will offer our initial reaction to watches, gear, and accessories that pass through our offices. Some are just in for review, some are oddballs long forgotten in the back of a watchbox. Most episodes will feature three watches, including one mystery watch or item for one of the presenters to react to live. If you have any requests for live reactions and reviews, send them to [email protected]. Until then, enjoy the first installment featuring the Seiko SSK005 GMT.

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