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Video Interview: 55 Years of Seiko Dive Watches

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Seiko has released a slate of hits this year in celebration of the 55th anniversary of the 62MAS. We’ve seen Seiko dive watches return to their roots in the best ways possible this year, and to learn more we sat down with Seiko US’s SVP of Business Development, Eric Hofmann to discuss. Hofmann opens up about the inspiration behind some of their latest releases, like the Built For The Ice Diver collection, along with their unique symbolism. 

Seiko Built For The Ice Diver With Blue Dial

From watches like the SPB149 to the SNJ029 ‘Safarnie’, Seiko has consistently been our most widely read content this year. There’s plenty to dig into here from one of our favorite brands here at Worn & Wound so kick back and enjoy the video!

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