Oris Big Crown X Cervo Volante: A Natural Collaboration

In recent years, we’ve seen the watch industry as a whole make a shift towards producing and selling a product with conservation and sustainability in mind. If Oris was not the first watch company to start using their platform to bring actionable awareness to conserve and protect our planet, then they surely have been among those leading the charge. From the their efforts with the Coral Restoration Foundation to replant over 35,000 corals in the Carysfort Reef and multiple partnerships with different environmental organizations within the Change For The Better campaign, to being a watch company that can be proudly identified as ‘Climate Neutral’, Oris has talked the talk, and most certainly walked the walk.

With releases like the Oris Aquis Dat Watt LE and the Date Upcycle, the independent company out of Holstein has also found a way to cleverly intersect both the watch world and the world of conservation. And they continue to do so in their recent partnership with sustainable leather goods company Cervo Volante. Today, Oris and Cervo Volante launch a selection of three big crown divers, with a variety of dial colors in a compact package paired with a slick deer leather strap combining for a watch that embodies both of the company’s ethos and spirit.


The Oris Big Crown X Cervo Volante dial colors take after the wide ranging spectrum of hues found throughout the Swiss mountainscapes resulting in three different dial gradients; gray, blue and green. The graphite gray and forest green dials are the more conservative of the three while the indigo blue stands out of the bunch. Each dial color shows a steady contrast, akin to a subtle fumé, as the gaze shifts from the center of the dial to where it meets the bezel. Oris has always done a fantastic job adding dynamic dial colors to the Big Crown line, especially with collaboration pieces, and this release is no different.

The case silhouette takes after the more recent svelte versions of the Big Crown like the Pointer Date Calibre 403 and the Holstein Edition, spanning 38mm across. If the proportions are anything like its Pointer Date Calibre 403 sibling, which I had the chance to handle a bit in the metal, then the 12mm thickness and 45mm lug to lug will come together quite nicely to make for a well balanced watch. Oris has elected to bring back the coin edged bezel, harking back to the original 1930’s design, as opposed to the flat polished bezel from its other 38mm counterparts, adding more of a vintage feel and texture to the case.

The Oris Big Crown X Cervo Volante dial format is what we’ve come to expect from the Big Crown line. It comes with a set of cathedral hands and Arabic numerals for hour markers with a unique, arching “4”. The date hand, topped by Oris’ inverted curvy triangle day indicator extends towards the outer edge of the dial where the days of the month, 1 to 31, are numbered around. The day indicator remains the same color as the dial with the exception of the gray dial, where the day indicator is red, adding a touch of contrast to the dial. Turning the watch over, Oris’ 754 automatic movement comes into view through the mineral crystal display back case, showing off their trademark red bidirectional rotor.

The Cervo Volante leather strap provided with each Big Crown watch is every bit a part of this Oris release. Cervo Volante, founded by Kadri Vunder Fontana and Conny Thiel-Egenter, is a sustainable leather goods company that concentrates in taking wild red deer skin (lots of it) that would be wrongfully discarded and turning them into quality hand-crafted products such as leather shoes, bags and miscellaneous accessories. Learning of Oris’ Change For The Better campaign and noticing how their visions aligned, Cervo Volante approached Oris with a project that would provide a sustainable deer leather strap with an Oris watch.

Although each strap comes with a convenient quick release system and a fine taper from the lugs to the clasp (I love a good strap/bracelet taper), Cervo Volante promises that each strap will be unique, leaving behind any scratch, scar or imperfection that tells its own story. The green dial will come on the cognac leather strap, the blue dial with the oak brown and the one that I lean towards out of the trio, the gray dial paired up with the dark brown strap.

The Oris Big Crown X Cervo Volante looks to be another welcomed addition to the Big Crown family, with a set of new dial colors, a vintage inspired case and a handsome strap, that altogether, embody the spirit of environmental awareness. The Oris Big Crown X Cervo Volante will retail at CHF 1,850 and will be delivered in a Cervo Volante deer leather travel pouch. Leave it to Oris to provide practical ways to support a great cause, and look good doing it too. Oris

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