Oris Introduces the Divers Sixty-Five “Cotton Candy” Collection

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Do you believe that watches should be fun? I do, and at various times in my watch collecting life my watchbox has been filled with cases in nontraditional shapes and dials in bright colors in an effort to squeeze the most enjoyment from this hobby as possible without taking it too seriously. Of course, there’s also a place for more restrained designs – not every watch needs to be rendered in vivid technicolor. But what we have here today is decidedly more in the “fun” camp than, well, whatever camp isn’t enjoying themselves quite as much. Even the name of this series of watches conjures something pure and elemental from our youth when we simply didn’t have anything substantive to worry about, except perhaps where the next sugar rush was going to come from. Let’s take a look at the newest rendition of the Oris Divers Sixty-Five, the “Cotton Candy” collection. 


Oris tells us that these watches represent the fresh start of spring, and the idea of hope at the end of a long and difficult road. It’s a message that is apt for this particular moment in early 2021, as the world begins to emerge from what for many was an unprecedented and traumatic year. To that end, Oris has created a trio of watches in pastel shades on a bronze Divers Sixty-Five platform. The result is a watch that both resembles a precious metal and has a light airy quality to it in sky blue, wild green, and lipstick pink. These watches feel like they were born for the beach, sitting by the pool on vacation, or doing literally whatever it is that makes you happy after the bummer of a year that was 2020. 

Oris has sized these watches at 38mm, which is an intentional play to appeal to both men and women (it’s also an entirely new case size within the Divers Sixty-Five family). The case and bezel insert are both bronze and will develop a patina unique to each wearer over time, and the watch is available on a matching bronze bracelet or a brown leather strap. The dial has the now familiar Divers Sixty-Five layout of circular and rectangular hour markers (all applied and luminous) with a date display at 6:00. The watch runs on the Oris 733 movement, which is a rebranded Sellita SW200. 

Retail pricing for the “Cotton Candy” divers is $2,450 on a strap, and $2,750 on a bracelet. Some quick research reveals that you can also buy a variety of cotton candy making machines through a certain enormous online retailer for as little as about $50 (or you can step up to a luxe version for several hundred – totally up to you), and frankly I think that’s a fine investment if you choose to buy one of these watches, or even if you don’t. 

You can get that nostalgia inducing sugar rush via Oris beginning in June of this year. Oris

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