Pairs Well With: Bulova Commemorative Hack Watch


Well, it’s finally almost sort of here, Summer, as marked by Memorial Day. This much loved and awaited for long weekend is not only an official holiday of remembrance, it’s also the first time people light up their grills for the season (ok, if you’ve been following us on instagram, you know we started a couple of weeks ago). And… if you happen to have a boss who believes in such things, Summer Fridays (which is the real start of Summer, right?)! Anyway, long story short, it’s a long weekend when the weather is usually nice in which we encourage each other to drink cold beer and eat grilled meat. So, it’s one of the best weekends.

Of course, the holiday itself is a day to remember and give respect to those of the US Armed Forces who have fallen in combat. As such, we thought that this edition of PWW should focus around a watch that though a reissue well after that fact, has it’s roots in actual US military history. The Bulova Commemorative Hack watch, which we reviewed some time ago, is a modern version of a military issued watch from WWII. This new version does a great job of calling upon the aesthetic of early to mid 20th century military watches, while not being as delicate as a vintage watch from that era. 

In fact, given its Miyota quartz movement, shatter resistant domed acrylic crystal, canvas strap and generally under $100 price point, the Bulova Hack is an ideal watch to wear to a BBQ. If you’re eating with your hands and imbibing liberally, it’s good to have a watch that should be able to take some abuse, and if it gets totally messed up, like dropped into the coals, wont set you back too much.

So, this Pairs Well With has been inspired by the vintage military vibe of the Bulova, the late spring weather and generally smart dressing for a social BBQ.

  1. Bulova Commemorative Hack Watch
  2. Timeless Sunglasses in Horn by Hans Kjobenhaven
  3. Goose Bomber Jacket in Maroon by Saturdays NYC
  4. Linen Cotton Shirt in Blue by UNIQLO
  5. Braided Leather Belt by Land’s End Canvas
  6. Herringbone Short in Dark Olive by LL Bean Signature
  7. Floral Authentic Ca by Vans

Pairing by Dexter Austria

Words by Zach Weiss

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