Pairs Well With: Lüm-Tec Combat B17


Obviously, fall is the best season: colors get darker, patterns get more bold, clothing gets heavier and materials more sumptuous. And given that slight chill in the air, I find myself more likely to put on a heavy and no frills tool watch in the morning. So, for this edition of Pairs Well With we chose the Lüm-tec Combat B17, a rugged but stylish watch that is built to take a beating, and paired it with clothing of the same breed.

The B17 is part of Lüm-Tec’s Combat B line, which if there were a classic Lüm-Tec style, would be it. It is purposeful, highly legible and really masculine. The matte black 43mm PVD case and no frills dial is offset by the unexpected coin edge bezel, which adds just enough uniqueness and intrigue to give the watch a distinct personality, and make it hold its own in an outfit. The watch is equipped with a thick sapphire crystal, comes with 2 Natos and a molded rubber strap and is powered by the Miyota 9015 automatic, which is their 2824-2 equivalent. At $925, it’s not cheap, but as my experience with the Lüm-Tec M33 has led me to believe, it is definitely going to last.

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