Pairs Well With: Raketa (hot hot hot edition)


In honor of the ridiculously hot weather we are experiencing, we decided to put together our inaugural “Pairs well with” post! Here we’ll take an interesting watch, perhaps something unusual, perhaps iconic, and figure out an outfit that emphasizes the styling of the watch. In this edition, we put together a nice summery outfit to go with a fun vintage Raketa that is both classic and light-hearted.

The outfit we chose should be considered as a set of ideas, rather than a literal shopping list. That is to say, a blue linen shirt from Uniqlo is just a stand in for any blue shirt, should you have a different preference. Furthermore, this is just a concept, so feel free to take it, build upon it or leave it. Regardless, we’d love to hear your thoughts and recommendations on what we put together.

  • Vintage Raketa found on Ebay. I can’t speak to the quality of this watch, but it is usually listed for very little money, is a mechanical and has a unique dial with a red and blue star motif. It measures 40 x 12mm with an 18mm lug width. This is the kind of fun and casual watch that is great to wear on a hot day where you might end up at a beer garden, hanging out in a park in the shade or just walking a block to grab a cup of ice coffee.
  • Red white and blue NATO from J.Crew.
  • “Ed” Sunglasses in Amber tortoise by Han
  • Short Sleeved Blue Linen Blend shirt from Uniqlo
  • Navy Blue Canvas D-Ring Belt from L.L. Bean
  • Maldives Chino Shorts by Life After Denim
  • Sand Suede Sebago Boat Shoes
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