Peter Speake-Marin’s The Naked Watchmaker is Now Live

A few months back, it was reported that Peter Speake-Marin would leave the brand bearing his name. The announcement was a bittersweet one for the famed English watchmaker; despite his departure from the company he founded 16 years earlier, Mr. Speake-Marin was more than excited for the next stage of his career—The Naked Watchmaker, a website dedicated to bringing “to a new generation the magic and passion of watchmaking and to increase the knowledge of those already bitten by the horological bug.” From what was known of the project at the time of its announcement, The Naked Watchmaker was expected to be a true gift or those of us who enjoy getting into the weeds of watchmaking. We’re excited to report that, as of a few days ago, the website is up and running.The Naked Watchmaker has launched with a considerable amount of available content, focused primarily on Deconstructions, or detailed and well-photographed breakdowns of watches and movements. Deconstructions is broken up into six distinct categories: Pocket Watches, Independent Brands, Established Brands, Just Movements, Vintage Wristwatches, and Mechanical Marvels. Furthermore, a section of the website titled People will feature interviews with industry heavyweights.

Peter Speake-Marin’s breakdown of MB&F’s unusual Legacy Machine Perpetual is a joy to read.

It’s great to finally be able to see what Mr. Speake-Marine has had in the works.  And based on the small sampling of content on offer at launch, I’m excited to watch this endeavor grow. The Naked Watchmaker

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