Time on Screen: No Country For Old Men

Time on Screen is back this week, and at long last features a movie by the Coen Brothers, a filmmaking team that has been incredibly important to both Zach Kazan and Kyle Snarr, Worn & Wound’s Head of Partnerships and the guest on this episode. They’re tackling No Country for Old Men, the Coen’s 2007 classic neo-western based on the much loved Cormac McCarthy novel, and the film that many recognize as their true breakthrough, finally winning them a Best Picture Oscar and near universal acclaim. Zach and Kyle talk through what makes the movie special and how it fits into the larger context of the Coen’s filmography, and they finish off the episode with their personal top five favorite Coen Brothers films. There’s some overlap between their lists, but it still captures the enormous breadth and variety in their films over the years.


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