Time On Track: Preseason Testing and the Return of DTS

We’re back!

After a winter break where many of us probably wished for a competitive 2024 season, the teams are all back with some new looking cars, new team names (RB???) and new storylines. We’ve also jumped on the newness bandwagon as we bring in a new co-host, Amarveer Brar. Hailing from sunny California, Amarveer brings his love for watches and Formula 1 to the table. Paired up with Ricardo Sime from last season, the duo look to bring a touch of Worn & Wound passion to this historical sport.

Right off the bat, that’s exactly what they do, diving headfirst into preseason testing and some of their major takeaways from new cars finally hitting the track. Then, it’s a quick segue into Drive to Survive Season 6, from the interesting comments made by a 7-time Drivers World Champion, to how bad overconfidence looks when you start to fail. Tune in and listen to this first episode to get your first dose of Time on Track for the 2024 season.

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