Time On Track: The 2024 Australian GP


It finally happened. For the first time in more than a year of racing, Max Verstappen had a DNF. Opening the door wide open for challengers on the rest of the grid. While also finally answering the question the higher ups at Red Bull have always wanted answered: can Checo pick up the pieces in situations like this and bring the car home with at least a podium?

That question may have been answered two fold this week with Checo having a poor showing in what many consider the most dominant car on the grid. Adding salt to that wound was 2025 free agent Carlos Sainz showing us he has that dawg in him, bringing his Ferrari home for an amazing victory. Add a questionable move towards the end of the race and tons of storylines during it, and the race was quite an event. Tune in and listen to this episode for more of our thoughts on the Australian GP.

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