Time On Track: The 2024 Japan GP

The Empire Strikes Back!

Had there been any doubt as to the dominance of Red Bull after the Australian GP, the team quickly laid waste to their skeptics. With a 1-2 finish, they re-established the chokehold they have on this season of racing. Yet even with this display of excellence, the Japan GP still gave us a plethora of storylines to dive into this week.

We had different tire strategies across multiple teams, with some drivers quickly realizing such strategies left them high and dry. We saw clear winners like Yuki Tsunoda, who continues to prove that he is better than this version of Daniel Ricciardo. To Sergio Perez, who bounced back after a tough week to secure P2. But we also saw clear losers. From the aforementioned Mr. Ricciardo to a Lance Stroll who just can’t seem to find the pace in a pretty decent Aston Martin. Tune in and listen to this episode for more of our thoughts and observations of the Japan GP.

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