Product Highlight: Black and Rye High Craft – Vintage Straps

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If there was such a thing as a duality in straps, Black and Rye would be the perfect representation of it. A sort of mirror-image combo, one conservative, dark and mysterious the other bold, brash and lively. Take a watch and wear it on the Black strap one day for a modest, but confident addition to your wares, then go Rye the next day for a more striking, stylish aesthetic. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

Two of our best-selling colors, we’re excited that both are currently in stock in our most refined style, the High Craft – Vintage. With a 4mm taper, sculpted cross-section, natural lining and simple row stitch, the Vintage is an elegant strap that works on both modern and vintage pieces. Pick one up at

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