PSA: Announcing Watch the Bay—a Meetup for Bay Area Watch-Heads

Not too long ago, we had our friend OT (Instagram’s @ranxoren) on The Worn & Wound Podcast to discuss community building and watches. OT organizes casual watch meetups in the San Francisco Bay Area, bringing together eager and like-minded enthusiasts who want nothing more than to just hang out, knock back some drinks, and talk watches.

Now OT is making it official with Watch the Bay, a monthly get-together hosted by OT and the good folks over at Topper Jewelers. Each month, watch lovers will gather at Topper’s Burlingame store for a casual, pressure-free get-together. There’s no cost to attend—all you have to do is bring yourself, a good attitude, and, it almost goes without saying, some watches. Refreshments will be provided.

Photo by WatchMax.

For more information, visit Watch the Bay’s website. Check out @WatchtheBayMeetups on Instagram.

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