Announcing the worn&wound x analog/shift Watch Roll


Since nearly the start of worn&wound, we’ve been good friends with the guys over at analog/shift, who have become one of the top purveyors of fine vintage watches on-line. Well, over many a scotch fueled conversation, we’ve tossed the idea of doing collaborative products together, and we’re excited to announce the first of hopefully many; the worn&wound x analog/shift Watch roll.


While watches are the star of the show over at analog/shift, they are collectors of all things old, nostalgic and stylish. So, they sourced some incredible old stock, surplus U.S. Army pup tents/shelter halves, which we used as the outer shell of the roll. Durable and lightweight, this olive green canvas offers long-lasting protection from the elements, and has that certain drab tone that only is from true mil-spec gear.


We paired the pup tent canvas with one of our favorite leathers; Horween Natural Chromexcel. One of the most dynamic leathers we’ve seen, the natural is a gorgeous mid-brown that shifts from light to dark as oils within it migrate. As you place your watches in the ultra-suede lined pockets, you’ll see the color lighten as the leather gets taught. Further, as the roll breaks in and gains patina, the leather will grow in character.


The final touch was to add bespoke, US-lathed brass toggles, designed and made in collaboration with Discommon Goods. This simple, heavy machined part is tied on with black leather cord, which complements the warm, yellow metal.


Well, we think it turned out pretty awesome… perfect for storing and carrying your collection of vintage watches, particularly mil-issue pieces. The worn&wound x analog/shift Watch Roll is available now through our shop as well as analog/shifts’ in limited quantities. As always, the Watch Roll was constructed in NYC. $225.

photo credit: Atom Moore

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