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A Whale Of A LE Collection For The Hass Automatic From Spinnaker

The Hass Automatic Whale Sanctuary Project Limited Edition pays homage to the majestic ocean dwellers that captivate our hearts—whales. Comprising two distinctive variants, with a Beluga Whale or an Orca Whale face, the collection is an embodiment of Spinnaker’s ethos, which marries style and substance with a deep appreciation for marine life. Notably, each variant is an exclusive limited edition, meticulously crafted in only 500 pieces, adding an element of exclusivity to this tribute to the oceanic realm.

Spinnaker’s support for the Whale Sanctuary Project is more than a product launch—it’s a tribute to the oceans and the creatures that call it home. With every purchase of a Whale Sanctuary Project timepiece, Spinnaker will donate 5% of net sales to support the organization’s mission of providing lifelong care for once-captive orcas and beluga whales.

Orca Black – An ode to the apex predator Orcas, also known as Orcinus orca. These intelligent creatures inhabit oceans across the globe, displaying intricate social networks and cultural traditions. The Orca Black variant celebrates their intelligence and the vital role they play in maintaining the ocean’s balance.

Beluga Blue – Inspired by the charismatic Beluga whales (Delphinapterus leucas), this variant embodies the curiosity and communication prowess of these Arctic and sub-Arctic creatures. Known as the “canaries of the sea,” Belugas’ intricate communication systems come to life in the Beluga Blue variant.

Within this remarkable collection, you’ll discover the prowess of a Japan Automatic movement encased in stainless steel, measuring 43mm in diameter and 15mm in thickness. The rounded case design emanates timeless elegance, while the stainless-steel band, along with an additional rPET strap, guarantees both comfort and versatile style. And that’s not all – each timepiece is accompanied by an rPET cap, showcasing Spinnaker’s holistic sustainability approach through the use of recycled materials. Get either piece in the Whale Sanctuary Project Collection for $385 in the Spinnaker shop today.

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