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Ceramics Lead The Modification Movement For AET Remould

AET Remould has been involved in ceramic craftsmanship since its inception, pioneering the classic series. This year, the brand has upgraded its entire ceramic product line to the second generation HTP (High-Tech Precision) ceramics, enhancing material hardness, reducing porosity, and achieving purer colors. The brand has also invested in research and development of custom diamond cutting tools, six-axis CNC machining, plasma technology, laser techniques, and exquisite hand finishing to further perfect the ceramic manufacturing process.

The incorporation of ceramic materials not only enhances the aesthetic appeal and performance advantages of timepieces but also paves the way for fresh design possibilities. Behind this lies a series of innovations, experiments, and breakthroughs, with AET Remould being a pioneer in the advancement of ceramics.


Ceramics have become the ideal material for high-end watch manufacturing due to these remarkable attributes. However, the ceramic crafting process comes with its own challenges, such as dealing with high hardness and brittleness during manufacturing. Additionally, maintaining consistent color and precision control poses difficulties in the production of ceramic components.

 AET Remould’s classic series of watches places ceramics at the core of their material composition, showcasing exceptional design features. To emphasize the exquisite texture of the material, this series eschews unnecessary embellishments on both the dial and the case. In addition to ceramic cases paired with fluororubber straps, full ceramic cases and straps are also available. Thanks to the advanced second-generation HTP ceramic craftsmanship, the brand’s ceramic watches exhibit a natural luster that complements the pure dials, earning them recognition as outstanding examples of fashion and innovation. Experience the charm of AET Remould’s ceramic watches on their website and enjoy the pleasure that classic and trendsetting elements bring on their Instagram channel.

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