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Contrasts Unite in the Sedius from Sternglas

The Bauhaus style represents minimalist design and functionality, while the Art Déco style embodies elegance, decorative elements and sensuality. These are two design principles that, by definition, should be at odds with each other. With the new Sedius timepiece, Sternglas manages to harmoniously unite the two styles.

Sternglas is known for its functional watches in a simple Bauhaus design. With the Sternglas Sedius, the Hamburg watch brand introduces a technical innovation to its collection and combines the contrasting currents of Bauhaus and Art Déco to create a fascinating look.

The Sedius features a classic sector dial that reflects the duality of these two styles. The dial itself is a fusion of Art Déco and Bauhaus principles: Multiple concentric circles are divided into the named sectors by lines. The centre of the dial remains unobstructed and distinctly separated. This division ensures functional clarity and enables effortless readability. For this reason, sector dials are sometimes referred to as “scientific dials” or “railroad dials.”

The movement itself also represents the contrast between these two design philosophies, as the Sedius is the first Sternglas watch to house the Seiko VH31 Mecha-Quartz movement. This is a hybrid movement that combines the accuracy and reliability of quartz watches with mechanical elements. The Sedius features a smooth second hand, moving at 4 beats per second across the dial, avoiding the traditional ticking of pure quartz watches. Mecha-Quartz is an excellent compromise between quartz and automatic movements, harnessing the best of both worlds.

In terms of aesthetics, the Sedius stays true to its concept by drawing inspiration from historical models. The 40 mm case, crafted from robust, polished 316L stainless steel, encloses a satin-finished white-silver dial. The dark blue watch strap Heritage, the new blue leaf hands, and the day/night engraving on the case back create a beautiful contrast, playing with the fusion of Bauhaus and Art Déco. Conversely, the black version of the Sternglas Sedius features a gold-coloured case and hands, with a dial in black and anthracite.

The Sternglas Sedius is the ideal timepiece for fans of multi-layered watches with a clear design and for enthusiasts of reliable quartz watches who do not want to compromise on mechanical finenesses. The historically inspired design and the dependable movement with a smooth second hand make this watch a special highlight on every wrist. Shop both looks of the Sternglas, starting at $319, on the Sternglas site today. Through October 25, 2023, Worn & Wound readers can take an additional 7% off that price with code WORNWOUND7.

October 23, 2023 UPDATE : Please note the black variant of the Sedius is sold out with more models expected to become available in January of 2024. 

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