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Explore the Revitalized Collection from the Iconic Accurist

Accurist is a British watch brand that has been owned, run and designed for over 75 years in the UK. First founded in the heart of British watchmaking Clerkenwell, London. Accurist started out by taking Swiss movements, assembling, and regulating them in London and housing them in British made cases. 

Since its origins in 1946 Accurist has been at the heart of British culture. They’ve been seen on the wrists of royalty to rockstars chosen by the likes of The Beatles and Princess Ann. Winning awards for their famous Accu-wrist, Accu-ankle adverts in the 70’s and set the watches of a nation by sponsoring the speaking clock for over 30 years. Accurist installed the first atomic clock in the Royal Greenwich Observatory, Bringing the home of GMT up to the 21st century. 

To celebrate their 75th anniversary Accurist fully revitalized their line-up of watches. Creating seven new collections all inspired their huge back catalogue. From the 1950’s Classic collection to the re-issue of their first dive watch from 1966 and the iconic lines of the Rectangle range, the flagship Origin collection is directly inspired from the 1970’s best seller but the collection has been brought up to date with its 41mm case, sapphire crystal glass, quick release bracelet, 5 year guarantee and comes presented in a premium watch roll. 

The latest release takes their flagship to the next level, showcasing the skeletonized Japanese assembled NH70 movement. With the dial silhouetting the key components of the movement such as the balance wheel, mainspring and center seconds. Explore the entire Origin Collection in the Accurist Shop today. The Origin collection starts at £139/$179 and Automatics starting at £329/$429.

Available direct from Accurist’s website with international shipping and online retailers such as Amazon USA

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