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Honor WWII Bravery with the Hawker Hurricane Classic Chronograph Night Reaper LE from AVI-8

The latest release from AVI-8 honors the legendary Royal Air Force (RAF) Squadron Leader Karel “Kut” Kuttelwascher” and the No. 1 Squadron from World War II. Squadron Leader Karel Kuelwascher, renowned as one of the RAF’s most successful Czechoslovak pilots and a top ace during World War II, leave an indelible mark on aviation history. Known as “The Czech Night Hawk” in wartime media, his exceptional achievements earned him fame and recognition worldwide. No. 1 Squadron, where Kuelwascher served, was tasked with night intruder sorties (a term for individual aircraft missions) in 1942.

These missions demanded not only extraordinary flying skills but also exceptional navigation abilities, keen eyesight, and a hunter’s instinct, all in the most perilous flying conditions. Adding to the challenge, their black-painted Hurricanes carried a mere 91 rounds of ammunition per gun, providing just nine seconds of firing time for each mission. Kuelwascher’s Hurricane, distinguished by its black paint and adorned with a yellow scythe and a red “Night Reaper” banner, quickly justified its name through his remarkable feats. The black camouflage was carefully chosen to enhance the aircraft’s elusiveness during missions where short burst firing was the only option.

The Classic Chronograph edition mirrors the Night Reaper’s plane with an all black colorway, with the exception of the haunting plane’s iconic symbol on one sub-dial. The watch itself is 42 mm in diameter and and 11 mm thick, weighing in at 90 g and a water resistance of 5 ATM. Featuring a Japanese Quartz Chrongraph with Date movement and genuine leather strap, the watch sits subtly on the wrist while the Swiss Luminous Hands and multi-layered dial make time clear to read at a glance. The AVI-8 Hawker Hurricane Night Reaper Limited Editions area testament to bravery, innovation, and the enduring spirit of aviation. The AVI-8 Hawker Hurricane Night Reaper LE is available for pre-order now, with a full launch on January 26.  Own a piece of history and celebrate the legacy of a true aviation hero starting at $235 on the AVI-8 site today.

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