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Keep Time on Your Side with the New Bradner GMT Automatic from Spinnaker

The latest addition to Spinnaker’s iconic Bradner collection is the Bradner GMT Automatic. This remarkable timepiece combines the timeless style of the Bradner collection with the functional excellence of GMT functionality, promising precision in tracking multiple time zones. The Bradner GMT Automatic is equipped with a Japanese automatic GMT movement, the Seiko NH34, making it a reliable companion for globetrotters and those navigating the world’s time zones. On the Bradner, wearers can effortlessly keep track of three time zones simultaneously, whether it’s for business, travel, or simply staying connected with loved ones across the globe.



Encased in durable stainless steel, this timepiece not only withstands the rigors of travel but also exudes elegance in its design. The anti-reflective sapphire lens guarantees exceptional clarity and protection while the solid stainless-steel beads of rice bracelet ensures a comfortable and secure fit for everyday wear. 

For those seeking versatility, this collection comes with an extra rubber strap, making it adaptable to various occasions and styles. The watch itself measures at a 42 mm diameter and 15 mm thick on the wrist. Every watch comes with a 20 mm stainless steel beads of rice bracelet as well as an extra rubber strap for maximum wearability. The watch’s weight comes in at 190 grams. 

Whether you’re exploring the urban jungle or diving into the depths of adventure, this timepiece effortlessly complements your lifestyle. The exhibition see-through caseback reveals the intricate inner workings of this masterpiece. Watch enthusiasts and connoisseurs will appreciate the opportunity to witness the precision engineering that powers this GMT automatic watch. The watch is available in 6 different colors, each with their own uniquely colored rubber strap. 

With the Bradner GMT Automatic, Spinnaker invites you to explore the world while keeping time on your side. This addition to the Bradner collection redefines convenience, style, and functionality, embodying Spinnaker’s commitment to crafting exceptional timepieces. The watch retails at $490 and is available on the Spinnaker site starting March 29th, 2024.

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