Seeking a Watch with the Midas Touch? Meet Vieren’s Gold Mirror

Inspired by the glamour of the disco decade and unbridled energy of Studio 54 – an era-defining institution and beacon of nightlife – VIEREN draws design codes from vintage stereo systems, tape decks, and high-octane dance floors to create an all-gold skeletonized watch that embodies modern Swiss savoir-faire through a sophisticated design-approach.

True to their brand DNA and gender-neutral catalog, Gold Mirror is plated in gold with unique skeletonized cut-outs on the polished gold dial. Handcrafted over six months in La-Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, the dial and exhibition case back reveal the Swiss ETA-2671 automatic watch movement complete with 25 jewels and equipped with a 44-hour power reserve ensuring endurance and reliability.

The date disc has been specially engineered, pulling motifs from classic volume knobs and analog VU meters, and the signature 18K gold rehaut ring with minute details is tucked discreetly inside the dial. Every detail of this hyper-limited timepiece is a symphony of style and precision.

The Gold Mirror is available at March 15 at 11 a.m. EST for $5,250 in a Limited Edition of 5 pieces, available only at vieren.co

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