The Intersection of Watches and Blades by GiantMouse

This post was originally published on giantmouse.com on July 6, 2023.

At GiantMouse Knives, we are brimming with excitement as we gear up for our forthcoming exhibition at the Wind Up Watch Fair in Chicago, taking place from July 14 to July 16. As we prepare for this event, it feels like the perfect moment to reflect on our origin story – a tale that unfolds at the intersection of precision, artistry, and craftsmanship, realms intrinsic to both the watch and knife industries.

The tale begins many years ago, fittingly, at a show – a New York Custom Knife show. On this fateful day, our then-unknown-to-each-other founders found a common thread that bound them together – each wore a Panerai watch. This shared affinity for such a well-respected name in horology not only unveiled a collective interest in the world of timepieces but also a mutual respect for the precision, artistry, and craftsmanship intrinsic to both watch and knife industries.

The intersection of these two spheres, seemingly distinct yet bound by a shared appreciation for intricate design and high-quality manufacturing, became the cornerstone of the friendship among our founders and the inspiration for the GiantMouse brand. Both watches and knives capture the intrigue of their respective enthusiasts through their blend of aesthetics, precise engineering, and utility by design.

It’s crucial to note the individual passions of our founders, Jim Wirth, Jens Ansø, and Jesper Voxnaes, that contribute to the essence of GiantMouse. Not merely admirers, each of them has been an ardent collector of fine watches for many years. Just like knives, they’ve come to appreciate watches as more than simple tools; they see them as an embodiment of craft and precision, a balance of functionality and beauty.

The thrill of the hunt for a unique timepiece, the anticipation leading up to the moment of acquisition, and the joy derived from owning and wearing these incredible examples of craftsmanship mirrors the experiences many of our knife enthusiasts have expressed.

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