Ronin Watches Introduces the Rotomatic


A few months back we took a look at the new brand Ronin Watches who were offering up a new, affordable pilots watch in the classic B-Uhr style. By all accounts the Pilot was quite a success for the fledgling brand which has given them the ability to produce a second watch. Their first piece, the Pilot, was a hand-wind model based off the venerable Unitas movements using all Asian made components. Using that same construction theme the next model will be the Ronin Rotomatic; again a B-Uhr style watch but this time with an automatic movement.

Ronin Rotomatic Front

The intended design of the Rotomatic was to do something a little different than the first model. Something more utilitarian, a bit smaller and cleaner than the Pilot. And, as mentioned, an automatic as well. The specs on the Rotomatic break down into a 42mm case placing it smaller than the Pilot which chipped in at 44mm and 47mm. The case is the standard 316L stainless steel and comes with a signed case back. The back shows off the 浪 (làng) glyph as a “direct nod to the masterless samurais of old.”

Ronin Rotomatic Back

The dial of the Rotomatic is simplified over that of the Pilot by removing the numerals and the sub-seconds dial via the movement choice. The text on the dial is just simply “Rotomatic” right above 6 0’clock. The hands are in the style of the traditional B-Uhr hands and lend to the overall clean look of the dial. Not willing to skimp on details the dial is protected by a domed sapphire crystal.

Ronin Rotomatic Side

Powering the Rotomatic is a Miyota 21 jewel non-hacking automatic movement. No model number was provided but a safe bet based off the description would put it at the Miyota 8215. Rounding out the package is Ronin’s exclusive leather NATO strap.

The watch was produce in a small quantity – around 60 pieces – so that Ronin could have 100% control over the production and ensure that every watch was up to their standards. There are still pieces available from Ronin for $315.00 that can be purchased through their Facebook page, the Ronin Watches website or in person in Singapore from Goodgoods.

Ronin Rotomatic Wrist

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