Roue Gives A Nod To Old School Racers With New TPS and CHR Chronographs

Roue is back at it with a new TPS and a trio of new CHR chronographs, each meant to honor a different automotive icon of the past. Each watch builds on the existing collections, adding a new layer to their story in the process. These chronographs are meca-quartz and quartz powered, making them as accessible as they are fun, as Ed Jelley found in his review of the TPS right here. While each of these watches boast a unique heritage inspiration, they have no problems passing as perfectly modern in today’s diverse landscape of watch design.

The TPS One Black Series (BS) sits within the broader TPS range that was first established in 2019. As the name suggests, it gets a matte black PVD steel case that measures 40mm in diameter. The case and dial here are more classically proportioned, with the registers falling at the 3, 6, and 9 positions, and a rounded case with tapering lugs. 

The TPS gives a nod to the short-lived Porsche 910 race car, featuring its image embossed into the caseback. The 910 was only raced for a single year, and bridged the gap between the arguably more recognizable 906 and 907 models. It was a part of the 917 lineage, however, and in 1967 scored Porsche’s first overall win at the 1000 km Nürburgring (the factory entered 6 cars, 3 V8 equipped and 3 V6, the later trio finishing 1-2-3, with the #17 car driven by Udo Schütz & Joe Buzzetta taking the win). 

The TPS is powered by a Seiko VK63 Meca-Quartz and will be limited to 1,000 units priced from $305.

Moving over to the CHR we jump to the ‘70s, and the Lamborghini Miura (a car that began production in 1966, a year prior to the 910 seeing action). The CHR gets a black PVD cushion case and three different colorways meant to honor the iconic Italian street racer. The case measures 41.5mm in diameter and just 10.9mm in thickness, with a 22mm width leather or silicon strap securing keeping things wide and low. 

The three colors are orange, yellow, and silver, which were chosen to honor “the Miura’s most iconic color versions”. While Giallo (in both Flay and Sole variations) and Arancio are undoubtedly associated with the Miura, the silver, or Argento is a much rarer sight. While the silver base is a welcome addition to these watches, I’d have selected green, or Verde as a 4th option. Perhaps something we’ll see in future iterations. 

The caseback of the CHR features the likeness of the Miura’s Campagnolo wheels and each is individually numbered with just 105 of each color planned for production. Pricing on the CHR is set at $250. 

The new TPS and CHR watches are available to order as of today directly from Roue.

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