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Sinn is always a BaselWorld favorite for us here at worn&wound, and this year they haven’t let us down, presenting a wide array of new watches. Perhaps the most significant watch they’ve released is the new EZM 12, commemorating 20 years of the EZM line. It’s a wild piece, but has so much going on it deserves its own article, which will come out soon (sorry for the tease). Here, we’ll look at the more iterative, but no less desirable, offerings from Sinn this year.

356 Sa Flieger III

The 356 is the quintessential pilot chronograph. 38mm, classic style, collared pushers, high legibility, what’s not to like? For 2017, Sinn has taken the design and added a twist in the form of a Guilloché silver electro plated dial. The Guilloché in particular is striking with a concentric wave form that radiates out from the center of the dial, contrasting with grained sub-dials. The result is a dressed up version of the watch with a clean and formal look that still functions as a pilots chronograph. It’s worth noting this is the second time Sinn has done this with this particular model, first with the Flieger II, which had a unique and highly desirable copper dial.

$2,570 on leather, $2810 on H-link bracelet, $2,880 on Fine link bracelet


103 St Sa E

Sticking with the chronos, Sinn gave the 103 a vintage make over. Continuing with their new found love of khaki lume, which can also be seen in the U1 S E and 856 B-Uhr, Sinn replaced the white lume of the 103 with that same distinct, faux-patinated color. The result? It’s pretty gnarly, with the warm lume adding something almost aggressive to the design. It balances well with white accents for the non-lumed elements. This makes you want to scour for vintage Sinns with aged crusty tritium, though I have a feeling very few are out there. One slight gripe, is that Sinn chose the Sa model to apply this style to, meaning it has a vintage crystal as well as steel rim around the bezel. The acrylic model would seem to be a more logical choice as it already has a more vintage feel to it. This guy is a limited edition of 300, so get your orders in quick.

$2,250 on leather,  $2,490 on H-link bracelet, $2,560 on Fine link bracelet



104 St Sa I W

The 104 made quite a splash when it was first announced a few years ago. Sort of a three-hand version of the 103, it featured the same classic case design that dates back to the 60’s, with a pilot’s bezel and bold, but clean dial. It was a cool step in a different direction from the more modern and utilitarian 556s. For 2017, they took the I version, which has square markers instead of numerals, and re did it in white. Now, white dialed pilots watches are uncommon to begin, so the 104 will stand out, but there are also few white dials in the Sinn collection, making it extra curious. The design is a success, using black surrounds and hands to make lumed areas still jump out. It comes across with the same surprising elegance that defines the 104 collection.

$1,290 on leather, $1,520 on H-link bracelet, $1,590 on Fine link bracelet


240 St GZ

Much like the 104, the 240 is a non-chrono version of their famous 140/142 style. For 2017, they took the internal bezel and swapped out the classic minutes index for something quite exotic; a tide bezel. This peculiar concept is actually from a long out of production model, the 142 St II GZ Designed for use by sailors and the like, the bezel is a bit beyond me, but according to Sinn, “all you need to know is the time of the last high tide and correlate this with the triangular mark ‘HW 1’ on the rotating bezel. This can be taken for example from a tide table or tide calendar. The hour hand can then be used to read off the current water level on the rotating tide bezel of the 240 St GZ. You can also read off the expected relative water levels for any given time up until the time of the next high tide, which is then shown at the position ‘HW 2’.” Simple right? Regardless, it looks cool and I’m sure there is a market for it.

$1,660 on leather $1,830 on H-link bracelet


U1 Professional

Next up is actually a US exclusive limited edition version consisting of only 100 pieces. The U1 Professional takes their best-selling diver (we recently reviewed here) and changes some things based around feedback from Sinn-fans at the WatchBuys road shows over the years. Many of these features have never been seen on a U1 and include a domed sapphire crystal, 10 o’clock crown (previously on larger EZM models), BGW9 superluminova, no date(!), and lastly a simplified coloring scheme based on the famous EZM1 model, which is quite appropriate for the 20th anniversary. All of these features are wrapped up in a fully tegimented submarine steel case, making this one impervious dive watch. The U1 Professional is also a numbered series, adding to their collectibility. If you’re a U1 fan, this might be impossible to pass up.

Available on strap only, $2,670


1736 St I 4N

When you think of Sinn, watches like the previous five are likely first to mind. Well, this year they also announced a small, slim dress watch that, well, is just delightful. The 1736 is 36mm wide and 9mm tall, making it a true classic dress watch size. The dial is still Sinn at heart, but done so with dressed up elements. The surface is sunray silver, and features a slight step up creating a chapter ring along the edge. The only markers are gold appliqués with an intriguing tapered shape and tall height, each applied by hand. Minimal, legible and exacting. The hands are then a strange horn shape, getting slightly wider away from the dial center, then ending with a blunt tip; they are weird and great. Otherwise, the dial is spare save an applied Sinn logo also in gold. No date, no fuss… an ideal dress watch. Inside is an ETA 2892-A2 keeping solid time. Oh, and because it’s a Sinn, it still has D3 seals and a water resistance of 100m, because why not?

$1,780 on leather


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