Sinn Unveils Four New Watches at Munichtime

For lovers of German horology, there is no better part of the year than Munichtime, a German-centric watch expo running from the 28th of October through the 30th at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof in, as the name implies, central Munich. As expected, worn&wound favorite Sinn is showing (for the full list of exhibitors, click here), and for this year’s event they’ve prepared four new cool (albeit not too unfamiliar) watches that merit a closer look.

Sinn’s new 212 KSK.

6200 WG Meisterbund I

Following this year’s release of the 6200 Meisterbund in rose gold, Sinn’s now offering that limited model in 18-carat white gold. It’s a seemingly small change on paper, but one that packs quite an aesthetic punch, with the WG being a bit more toned down and discrete than its predecessor. It’s not often that Sinn ventures into dressier territory, but when they do, they do it right.

munichtime-sinn_6200wgmeisterbund1Beating away inside is the impressive Uhren-Werke-Dresden (UWD) 33.1, a unique manual-wind caliber from a Dresden-based manufacture known primarily for their high end boutique work.

As we noted in our initial write up of the movement, the UWD 33.1 is made of nickel silver and features a flying spring barrel, which is a barrel supported on just one side. The balance system has six eccentric weights, which allows for adjustment and offsets the imbalance in the watch’s oscillating system. Furthermore, the regulator system allows for additional precision adjustment. The UWD 33.1 comes with a 55-hour power reserve.

The UWD 33.1 movement on display on the rose gold variant from this year’s Baselword.

The 6200 WG Meisterbund I is limited to just 55 units. The Watchbuys direct price for the 6200 WG Meisterbund I is $15,460 on leather.


212 KSK

Sinn’s no stranger to making tactical, purpose-built watches that see real-world application. The 212 KSK continues that tradition, with the concept being born out of a collaboration between the German watchmaker and the Gemeinschaft Deutscher Kommandosoldaten (association of German commando soldiers). The 212 was initially a 70-piece limited run (then called the K212) created exclusively for members of the KSK, Germany’s elite special forces unit. Now, Sinn is offering a retail version based largely on that initial run, with the civilian model sharing many aesthetic and technical specs.

sinn_212ksk_f_sb_srgbComing in at 47mm, it’s a beast of a watch. As one might expect, the case is made of German submarine steel, and the bezel is tegimented and features Sinn’s hardened black coating. Furthermore, the case has Sinn’s proprietary Ar-dehumidifying technology and is pressure resistant up to 100 bar. The 212 KSK also features a 2nd time-zone complication, which, beyond being useful on its own, works in conjunction with the 64-mil (milliradian) ratcheting compass bezel, a nod to German army compasses which are a part of KSK field kits.

The 212 KSK is limited to 300 units. The Watchbuys direct price for the 212 KSK is $2,940 on rubber $3,060 on bracelet.

U1 S/U1 SE

The U1 is a mainstay in Sinn’s catalogue, and it’s seen many iterations over the years. Now Sinn is unveiling their two latest additions to the U1 family—the U1 S and SE, both featuring Sinn’s black hard coating over tegimented steel. The latter is especially cool, featuring parchment-colored markers and hands, which looks great against the black of the case and dial.

munichtime-sinn_u1sseBoth watches have been pressure tested and certified to 100 bar by the DNV GL, an international certification body based in Norway.

The U1 S and SE are general release models. The Watchbuys direct price for the U1 S/SE is $2,390 on rubber $2,520 on bracelet. Watchbuys is currently running a promotion on the U1 S on rubber, with the first 100 reservations to receive a second strap.

As we already noted, many of these are limited editions and are expected to go rather fast. Needless to say, we’re excited to get our hands on these as they hit North America for a closer look, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, head over to Watchbuys, Sinn’s North American distributor, to reserve yours today.


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