“Stone Cold” Steve Austin Rocks a Sinn U1 SDR on “Hot Ones”

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If you came of age in the late 1990s or early 2000s, you’re likely well aware of who “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is even if you’ve never watched a single minute of professional wrestling. The “Texas Rattlesnake” was one of the top wrestlers of his generation, a six-time WWF World Heavyweight Champion, and he has since gone on to acting, producing, podcasting, and hosting his own television show. Recently, he closed out season 9 of the popular YouTube series, Hot Ones, where guests chat with host Sean Evans while downing hot wings slathered in tastebud-destroying hot sauce.

Steve Austin’s also a watch guy. In 2010, he was featured in WatchTime magazine where he discussed his collecting habits and preferences, explaining that while he appreciates higher-end pieces, he prefers to keep things on the affordable end of the spectrum when it comes to his wrist wear. Being a watch guy myself, I couldn’t help but notice the timepiece on Austin’s wrist as he downed a glass of lifesaving water — a badass  Sinn U1 SDR on a mil-strap. 

Part of the U1 series, which is Sinn’s range of entry-level-but-still-technically-robust divers, the U1 SDR measures 44mm, is made of submarine steel, and is rated to a whopping 1,000m. What makes this model standout in particular is the black DLC-coated and tegimented bezel. It gives the watch a more aggressive vibe, which, if you’ve ever had the pleasure of handling a U1, is not lacking in that department.

From our end, it’s cool to see a high-profile watch lover out in the wild who isn’t simply drawn to the Rolexes and APs of the world — not that there’s anything wrong with that, but variety is the spice of life (pun absolutely intended). 

Check out the full episode below. 

Ilya is Worn & Wound's Managing Editor and Video Producer. He believes that when it comes to watches, quality, simplicity and functionality are king. This may very well explain his love for German and military-inspired watches. In addition to watches, Ilya brings an encyclopedic knowledge of leather, denim and all things related to menswear.

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