Studio Underd0g Expands Colorful Chronograph Collection with Strawberries & Cream

When it comes to vibrant and brightly colored hand-wound chronographs, the pool of options is, sadly, rather limited. Studio Underd0g has carved out a niche for themselves by leaning into exactly this territory, and to pretty great effect (see Ed’s review of the original trio here). Their latest limited edition takes the concept a step further with a Strawberries & Cream colorway inspired in part by journalist (watches & tennis) Miguel Seabra, who worked with Studio Underd0g to help get the colors and strap options just right. There may or may not have been some additional inspiration from a dish served at a certain British tennis tournament that happens every summer on grass courts. As the name implies, this is a dial that doesn’t hold back. 

The asymmetric dial gets a deep, textured red base that fades from light at the center to slightly darker at the periphery. It is as striking as you’d expect, and that’s the point. Miguel says of the colorway: “I’ve never thought I’d wear a timepiece with a red dial. I’ve completely changed my mind a decade ago; I love blood red and burgundy dials… Everyone has a black, silver, white or blue dial; people should go for something different and, especially after the grey pandemic times, colors provide emotions and a sense of joy.” On that we agree, and we love seeing dials that break from the ordinary around here, and the Studio Underd0g accomplishes this in multiple ways.


The branding and naming of the watch is presented in a staggered fashion, immediately pushing the dial outside of your typical comfort zone. Likewise, the smaller sub-dial at 9 o’clock which houses the running seconds hand is done in the same color as the base dial, while the minute totalizer at 3 o’clock gets the ‘big-eye’ treatment, and is filled with complimentary colors that heighten the theme of the colorway. This sub-dial is split into three sections of progressively creamer off-white colors. 

The case remains unchanged, meaning the excellent 38.5 x 44.5mm steel case returns, complete with svelte, vintage-esque lugs and pushers in tow. The strap options here bring another dimension to the colorway, with an epsom calfskin (from The Strap Tailor) option that tapers from 20mm to 16mm or a steel mesh option if you’re into that look.

Small details bring an additional layer of levity to the watch, with subtle seed shaped hour markers rendered in orange, and a small touch of green at the tips of the timing hands. The total effect is bright and playful, much as you’d expect a watch called Strawberries & Cream to be. As such, it certainly won’t be for everyone, and that’s an approach I’d like to see more brands embracing these days. 

The Strawberries & Cream will be available to order beginning August 9th, and ending August 16th. All orders received during this window will be produced, and the watch will not be produced again once that window closes. The price is a pleasant $675, which includes shipping, and a two year warranty in partnership with Horologium. More from Studio Underd0g.

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