Studio Underd0g Freshens Up Their Chronograph Lineup With Mint Chocolate Chip Colorway

Adding a second edible color scheme to their lineup, Studio Underd0g’s newest “Mint Ch0c Chip” chronograph is hitting their site on Tuesday, November 9th. After a wildly successful crowdfunding run, and a swift sell out of their next batch of stock, these playful chronographs (which we reviewed here) have a lot to offer. I had the pleasure of going hands-on with the first wave of colors, including the pink and green Watermel0n, a black/gray/white Go0fy Panda, and the blue and tan Desert Sky. For right around the $600 mark (after currency conversion), there’s a lot to love about these charming and playful chronographs.


Housed in a 38.5mm stainless steel case, the watches feature a mix of brushed and polished finishing. A set of rectangular pushers flank the 3 o’clock crown. Inside the watch, a hand-wound Seagull ST-1901 mechanical chronograph movement powers the watch and two sub dials. At just 44.5mm lug-to-lug, these bi-compax chronographs are well-suited for a wide range of wrists, hitting that generally accepted “just right” sweet spot. 

While the case finishing, design, and movement inside are no slouches, it’s safe to say that most of us are here for the dial colors. The first wave of watches from the young brand had some seriously cool use of color and small details that helped them fit the theme. It’s no surprise that the Mint Ch0c Chip follows that same winning formula. Inspired by the ice cream (yes, really), the cool green dial is highlighted by creams and browns on the outer tachymeter scale and large 3 o’clock sub dial. The icing on the cake (sprinkles on the sundae?) is the indices. Instead of big, lume-filled applied indices, these are shaped like chocolate chips. It’s a small detail, but it’s fun to look at and really helps tie the whole theme together.

This time around, Studio Underd0g teamed up with The Strap Tailor to get a custom run of chocolate-inspired leather straps made. Crafted from Alran Chevre Goatskin, they have a rich brown color and interesting pebbled texture on the surface. Each strap is lined with a Haas Zermatt lining that’s comfortable on the wrist and resistant to sweat and moisture. 

If you’ve been looking to add an affordable mechanical chronograph to your collection, but don’t want something that takes itself too seriously, the new Mint Ch0c Chip is an excellent option. There aren’t too many pale green chronographs in the world, and this example from Studio Underd0g does a great job of balancing modern and classic design with a healthy hit of playfulness that’s hard to resist. Studio Underd0g.

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