Swatch Releases New Sistem51s


You may recall our excitement when Swatch finally released their SISTEM51 line in the US late last year, bringing to the States something our European friends have enjoyed for quite some time.  That release came in 4 fun colors, all playing off a funky constellation-esque theme. Unsurprisingly, with a price tag of just $150, the watches were a huge hit. This year, Swatch is back with 5 new distinct styles.

In case you missed all the hoopla the first time around, allow me to explain why these watches are so special. The SISTEM51 is not your straightforward affordable timepiece. In fact, the MSRP belies the true mechanical achievement housed within the iconic plastic case.  The automatic movement powering the SISTEM51 consists of 51 essential components, all of which are made out of the anti-magnetic alloy, ARCAP. The movement is anchored to a central screw and hermetically sealed within the case, and it’s this ingenious movement architecture that ensures that the SISTEM51 will see less overall wear and tear than one might expect in a mechanical timepiece. If that’s not enough, all SISTEM51 watches boast an incredible 90-hour power reserve, are entirely machine-made, and are 100% made in Switzerland.

For those who weren’t too fond of the “out-there” aesthetic of the first round of SISTEM51s, you’ll be happy to learn that this upcoming release features more traditional designs targeted at both men and women.


The SISTEM CHIC is probably the most subdued piece in the new collection. It features a black body and strap, paired with a classic looking white dial with an aesthetic that’s slightly reminiscent of a railroad watch. The date is at 6 o’clock. The movement is decorated with a vertigo-like effect.


The SISTEM CLASS is a close second in terms of restrained design, with its translucent blue case and military-inspired black dial with touches of red and white. The date window, with matching date wheel, is positioned at the more traditional 3 o’clock.  The movement is adorned with a striped blue/black pattern.


The white-cased SISTEM CREAM continues the classics-with-a-twist trend by utilizing a Bauhaus-inspired black dial with red accents. The dial and bezel contrast beautifully against the cream-colored case and strap. The date, once again, matches the dial, and is positioned at 3 o’clock. The movement features a dotted black and white pattern.


Now let’s get to the more playful designs. The SISTEM GREEN is an aquatic teal (strap, case, and dial) with bright orange accents. It has a very cool contrasting orange date window at 3 o’clock, as well as a set of oddly proportioned, yet interesting, orange hands. The movement is decorated in a sunburst pattern.


And finally, there’s the SISTEM PINK, the most colorful of the bunch. It has a pink strap and case paired against a blue bezel and dial. The dial features an image of an atom, and is additionally decorated with red and yellow dots. The contrasting yellow date window is positioned at 3 o’clock, and the movement features a pink/blue honeycomb design.

The new collection will be available on February 23rd online and at Swatch stores across America.

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