The Brew Method Chronograph Times Not One, But Four Different Ways To Get Your Coffee Fix

The Method Chronograph is the latest addition to the range of chronographs, or espresso timers, depending if you’re using the watch as they’re intended, from Brew. This new model however, focuses more on just timing that one shot of espresso. If you fancy a different way to get your caffeine fix, whether you’re just getting the morning started, need that early afternoon kick, or burning the midnight oil, then the Method Chronograph has got you covered. The new model from Brew maintains the distinct curvy case silhouette that we’ve become all too familiar with and combines their playful use of color on the dial.

The inner timing scale is designed to help track four different methods of coffee making – espresso, french-press, pour-over and cold brew (my personal fave). The outer seconds track still features the extra hash marks between 0 and 35 seconds, which is intended to precisely time the ideal extraction period of an espresso shot. From the outer seconds track, the timing scale continues to wrap around the dial as it makes its way towards the center, marking every 60 seconds displayed in a diagonal-stepped fashion. It’s reminiscent of a tachymeter scale, but located on the dial as opposed to a bezel, and measures the time for different methods of coffee making, so maybe it’s more appropriate to call it a cafe-meter? Visually, the scale adds depth and a distinct graphical look to the dial.


Brew has a way of incorporating playful colors through their accents, markers and hands. The Method Chronograph gets the same lively treatment, except this time, it’s the full dial colored in a vivid yellow. We had some hands-on time with the Method Chronograph during WindUp NYC this past weekend and in-person, the yellow dial paired with black and white accents really does pop. The layout and function of the subdials remain the same as its Retrograph cousin. A 24-hour subdial is located at three o’clock and the minute chronograph counter marked with additional yellow line splits is positioned at nine.

The case also retains the distinct shape of the Retrograph. The steel case, which draws inspiration from actual espresso machines, is formed by rounded corners and arched flanks. The other unique feature is the lug-less case design which gives the appearance of the strap integrating directly into the case. The 38.5mm x 41.5mm case proportions make for a compact wearing watch on the wrist.

The Method Chronograph will be available for purchase directly from Brew starting on December 1st. In addition to the yellow dial, the Method Chronograph will come in a blue dial variant, and both will retail at $395. Brew

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