The New Casio Oceanus Pays Tribute to the Deep Blue Sea with Spiral-Cut Sapphire Bezel Anchored by Hardened Titanium Case and Bracelet

The Oceanus might be the last thing you think about when you hear the brand name, Casio. Their elevated range of watches aren’t built with the familiar tough resin case accompanied by a soft urethane band and a digital display. Instead, Casio has elected to encase the Oceanus with titanium paired with distinguishable features that stray from the utilitarian feel while still integrating their technological know-how in a more analog fashion. In short, this concept is what Casio refers to as, “Elegance, Technology.” The four latest additions include a limited reference and three regular production models that harness the dynamic cerulean hues of the ocean packaged in a coated titanium case and equipped with a suite of familiar features.

Like the Manta S500 Series, the Oceanus OCWS6000SW2A takes the bezel and uses it as a canvas to uniquely represent the various features of the ocean. This limited production model in particular displays the movement of the ocean with a spiral-cut sapphire bezel representing the crest and trough of a traveling wave. The blue gradient of the bezel also gives the impression of the continuous motion of the ocean. Although masked by color, the sapphire bezel still allows light to penetrate through, powering the solar panel fixed beneath.


As mentioned above, the case is constructed out of titanium and coated with a carbide treatment giving a powdery, sandblasted effect across the non-polished areas. Another distinguishable feature of the Oceanus OCWS6000SW2A is its thin profile, measuring just 9.2mm, making it the thinnest watch within the Oceanus line and the rest of the Casio range. The wide ranging shades of blues on the dial and bezel are not the only colors present as traces of a rosy bronze are found sandwiching the twelve o’clock marker, surrounding crown and framing the date window.

Three regular production models known as the S7000 Series also make their way into the Oceanus lineup alongside the debut of the limited reference. Each has their own personality displayed through their respective smooth sapphire bezels and dial colors, as well as case finishes. The OCWS7000-1A is the conservative of the bunch sporting a uniform black dial and dark blue bezel. The OCWS7000-2A leans more towards the OCWS6000SW2A in aesthetics, with a gradient dial transitioning from turquoise blue at the bottom to navy blue at the top, and a gradient bezel to match. Both S7000 models are finished with a silver coating over the hardened titanium case and bracelet.

Rounding out the new release is the Oceanus OCWS7000B-2A. Once again, the gradient dial and bezel make an appearance, but its hardened titanium case and bracelet are finished with a dark shade of gray. All four models have a long list of the beloved Casio features integrated within including Tough Solar, Tough Movement, Multi-Band 6, and Bluetooth Connectivity allowing many of the features, if not all, to be controlled on your phone through the Casio Watches app.

We already know Casio has the technology side of things down pat. That’s always going to be a given. The Oceanus however, allows Casio to be a bit more playful with how they go about designing a watch. A spiral-cut sapphire bezel reminiscent of an underwater gem is the last thing you would expect from a Casio watch, but maybe that’s more of the stuff we need to see from a brand that has a stronghold in affordable, easy-to-use digital watches.

The Oceanus OCWS6000SW2A is limited to 300 pieces and retails for $2,400. The three Oceanus models included in this new wave of additions retail between $1,300 (OCWS7000-1A) to $1,550 (OCWS7000B-2A) . Casio

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